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How to get a self drive car in goa?

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How to get a self drive car from Us?
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Why should you hire a car on rent in Goa?

Why hire car in goa?

1.The public transport in goa shuts down by 7-8 pm, and starts in the morning at around 6-7 am.

2.Its difficult to go anywhere after 8 pm if it involves public transport. But if you have a self drive car in Goa, plan is On!

3.Getting a cab or taxi is difficult and costs more for one ride than a car for a whole day. Cab Drivers charge you any amount that pops up in their mind. While Car rental in Goa is very affordable and rent is fixed while Booking.

4.You do not have to search for bus stand, taxi or a cab. Your car will be ready to go anywhere, any time.

5.Self drive car in Goa also gives you the best experience while you explore the beauty of Goa

6.You spend more Quality time with your loved once while travelling in your own car than in public transport.

Why People Like Car Rental In Calangute Goa?

Car Rental In Calangute Goa

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